Jindal Industries are located in Ahmedabad in the western region of India. Its facilities spread over 4 manufacturing units where it has complete facilities from high end spinning, weaving to confection & packing for the retail outlets.


The Jindal Industries are located in Ahmedabad, in the western region of India. It’s facilities are spread over 4 manufacturing units that consist of complete facilities from high end spinning, weaving, confection, and packing for the retail outlets.

They also include new generation CAD systems, high - tech textile testing laboratories and preparatory equipment.


Fabrics such as cotton,
viscose, acrylic, polyester


Width ranges:
112 cms to 300 cms


GSM ranges:
70 to 500


Thread Counts:
100 to 1000

Finished Width from 48" up to 124"

The company has the latest weaving and knitting machines that includes Dobbies. These machines can manufacture finished width from 48" up to 124".

Latest Facility of Making Fabrics

All Jindal weaving machines are from Picanol and Toyota, including the latest facility of making fabrics in any count range & construction with 4 color weft options.

The advanced Airjet and Rapier looms provide a weaving capacity of more than 100 million meters of woven, dobby & jacquard designs in a diverse range from thread counts.

The company has added another 420 Toyota air jet looms and 100 T' Sudokama, which manufacture denim and bottom weights with an annual capacity of 35 million meters per annum along with the 260 looms which are in the process of being added in the coming months.

Jindal has a base of more than 1000 looms currently and has already laid foundation of expanding further.

Jindal Group has invested in state of the art lab facilities to ensure totally quality control.

  • Yarn CSP tester

  • Yarn imperfection tester

  • Yarn strength tester

  • Yarn count tester

  • Datacolor spectrophotometer for color consistency

  • Automatic color recipe for replication and analysis from Datacolor.

  • Mini Continuous Dyeing Range and washing for lab dip approvals and pre production testing

  • Color matching cabinet from Datacolor

  • Fabric tensile tester

  • Washing fastness tester and rubbing fastness tester

  • Light fastness tester

  • Fabric stability tester

At Jindal, from the raw material stage to the finishing stage, the entire process cycle is monitored & supervised by a team of expert Quality Controllers. The in-house laboratory, equipped with all the modern testing instruments, is a huge help in this process.

An investment in our sophisticated world-class testing lab is the reflection of Jindal’s commitment towards maintaining global standards.

Commitment to service & quality is the fundamental business axiom at Jindal and the company today has a special reputation for on-time deliveries and overall customer satisfaction.

Every meter of fabric is inspected to ensure total quality.

Every lot is tested for all critical parameters and then dispatched. We have complete testing records for each and every lot of fabric to ensure traceability of fabric.

We even have facilities for delta testing, taegwa testing to ensure shade consistency in our productions.

Production Capacity