HR Policy Statement

At Jindal Worlwide, people are the most valuable assets. It boasts of having one of the most charismatic pool of employees with incredible achievement orientation.

People Philosophy

The best of skills and talents, carefully screened from the finest academia and industry sources, the strong workforce is the backbone of support that has made this organization the corporate juggernaut that it is today.

The unique individuals who work here are constantly pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers. They create a fresh and exciting work environment – and together they can accomplish anything.

We recognize the value of each and every individual because we strongly believe that only great people make great organizations. Our people make us different and we are committed to maintaining an environment that celebrates their abilities, values and contributions.

We are dedicated to creating one of the world's most people-friendly, performance-driven, and process-efficient learning organizations, where the best and the brightest work together to create a responsive, respectful and delightful work environment.

Traits to Succeed

What matters is not what is on offer but what you can create with the fire of your ambition. If you can discover your passion, we can match it with an opportunity. So, bring your passion to work and grow with us. The possibilities are endless.

What we do, we do well. We appreciate work that is fit for purpose, is free of bugs and errors, is accurate and credible, is completed with careful and persistent effort, is complete with nothing missing, it conforms to requirements and internal controls, and conforms to the best practices of the industry. So, check the quality of your own work and keep improving till you achieve our set standards.

Making ends meet or being satisfied by reaching basic expectation is not enough; it calls for achieving outstanding results that can be sustained for longer time. So, excel in whatever you do, keep improving and be innovative because the world will never stand still.

Just take the initiative, be distinctive, set an example and let the world follow you. Go the Extra Mile when asked to do tasks. All else being equal, a trusted leader will get more from his people and have a stronger following. So, be someone your people can trust.

If it's to be, it's upto me. Be accountable for your actions and inactions. Take responsibility for your own objectives and outcome of efforts. Learn from mistakes so you don't repeat them. Take ownership of problems and act quickly to solve them. Do care about the company and the constituents it serves, and always act in the best interest of all players involved.

Value for the client is created only, if everyone involved delivers honest input into his or her work. Communication has to be clear and has to reflect the reality. There is a big advantage of having a high level of integrity: We can sleep better at night and can also be proud of our work, really proud. So, be ethical and sincere in all your transactions and thereby earn trust and respect.

Merely satisfying customer expectations is not enough. Your customers will still be vulnerable to competitors and there is a tendency to jump ship. The only way to avoid such situation is to constantly exceed customer expectations and deliver memorable, ever-lasting experiences. So, give your best and make sure this best is something they can't find anywhere else! In short, just deliver WOW through exceptional client service

Embrace and Drive Change. Be humble and never stop learning. Ideas come from everywhere. Pursue Growth with learning. Look for a point of view you haven't heard. Try to understand where others are coming from. It will enrich your perspective. Maintain network of colleagues. Adopt a flexible approach and operate with an open mind to anything that helps you and organization to grow.

Put egos aside and work as a team towards a common vision. The competition is outside, not inside. Respect expertise and execution, not just titles. Be willing to help and be generous with your knowledge and connections. Accept difference of opinions. Recognize that each person has a unique perspective. Respond positively to requests for help. Share your point of view, discuss openly and take joint responsibility of outcomes.

The world we live in has become so fast-paced that there is a lot of pressure on executives to think more holistically about how they can streamline processes and leverage opportunities in order to be the very best in their sector. It calls for how you think of the organization not only in terms of what we do, but in terms of where the value is hiding or what can we do instead. So think strategically and create a value for your own efforts and enterprise.

Who we are looking for

With ambitious plans for further growth and expansion, Indian multinational Jindal Worldwide Limited (JWL) is growing at a tremendous pace. Young and dynamic professionals with a "CAN DO" attitude are welcome to become JWL's "Partners in Success". With our inclusive DNA, we are looking for people with different perspectives, ideas, experiences and backgrounds to bring infectious dynamism to the organisation.

If you are interested in joining a dynamic, creative and diversified work environment then email your resume to We will touch base with you soon.