We Care

We give out only our desired textile products !

Every undesired produce is well taken care of as our duty towards humanity and the mother nature.

Every success is futile if it harms the very world and contaminate the surroundings we live in. We at Jindal take utmost care for taking every necessary step to ensure we add the least to the carbon footprint and use recycling and safe disposal methods to discard harmful components.

Water is the very reason for the existence of life on earth. As the world wakes up to the water contamination crisis now, we are proud to have always taken the disposal and treatment of wastewater with utmost earnestness. Jindal has installed very efficient Effluent Treatment Plant which enables maximum recycling of wastewater. We also plan make our campus rainwater harvesting friendly.

At Jindal, the consumption of energy is inevitable for production. Although it’s source and steps for regulation and consumption can decrease our carbon footprint.

With usage of LED fixtures , solar panels on our campus, we are adding new solutions in energy conservation at every level.

We also reuse condensate recovery as process water to save energy while implementation of IMS systems is under process.

We consider our team’s well being vital to our development. With a healthy work culture and atmosphere we aim to provide an ideal environment for the benefit and growth of every individual. We ensure we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender with our customers, suppliers or employees and are strictly against child labor. Using of safety guards and vest is imperative to at our units and to ensure a 100% Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy for our workers.

After all, a healthy team makes for a healthy company.

Discarding of waste chemicals is done through step by step certified process as a part of our sustainable developmental processes. ( more technical information )

At Jindal, we recycle our waste textiles as a part of our waste management compliance. We also garnet the waste into fibres which can recycled and used for textile manufacturing and have Caustic Recovery Plant to reuse and process caustic.

Time and again, we keep upgrading our waste management policy in every department to ensure minimal waste is being generated.

For Our Community

Businesses are powerful constituents of society and the most successful, respected, and desirable businesses exist to do much more than make money; they exist to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

For Our Employees

We make our employees undergo a comprehensive analysis of their skills, defining what is important to them, what they want to achieve, what strengths they already have that help to achieve their goals, and what they need to improve and develop with time.

Gives opportunities for long term survival and growth by providing social benefits to our employees and reduced employee absenteeism and increased productivity.

This is for social comfort and intellectual improvement of the employee. This ensures a higher standard of working condition, to make life worth living for the employees. It is a voluntary effort to improve the existing industrial system and the condition of employment in the factory. This includes among the employees a sense of responsibility, dignity, belonging and makes them proud of themselves and the company.